Research Activities

  • Professional Guidance, Supervision & Support for Research Scholars.
  • Thesis Writing, Preparation and Documentation with Original empirical results.
  • 100% Plagiarism free and Innovative Research work with experimental results.
  • Research papers publication in reputed National & International Journals with High Impact Factor including Patents for published research work.
  • Promoting for Excellence in Research & Development.
  • Development of Research acumen and fostering the spirit of Research among the Teaching Fraternity and Student Community.
  • To uphold the importance of Research and Development in promoting for the growth and prosperity of the Nation.
  • To build Research Labs and promote Research activities in Schools, Colleges, Institutions and Universities with a view to encourage the teachers and students to actively take part in research activities and make it compulsory in the Academic Curriculum.
  • To identify highly motivated and talented students in professional colleges and institutions, giving them an opportunity to undertake research work and who can provide suitable solutions to critical problem areas in industrial settings.
  • To foster the spirit of scientific research in different fields among the educated professionals with a view to apply their theoritical knowledge, professional experience & expertise in providing practical solutions through experimentation and scientific thinking.
  • To highlight the significance of Investigative Research and its role in providing accurate solutions to critical problem areas in different branches of knowledge.
  • To undertake research projects sponsored by Government Bodies, Scientific & Research Organisations, Corporates etc. both in India and Abroad.
  • To promote for international understanding with different countries across the Globe in the area of collaborative research and technical partnerships for mutual benefit.
  • To promote for Multidisciplinary Research by adopting an Interdisciplinary approach for all branches of knowledge which can pave way for a better, accurate and more reliable understanding of the various unsolved critical issues namely social, economic, political, health, technical, legal and environmental issues.